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ONLINE ISSN: 1883-2954
PRINT ISSN: 0021-1575

Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol. 68 (1982), No. 12

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18 Jan. (Last 30 Days)

  1. Perspective toward Long-term Global Goal for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation in Steel Industry Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol.105(2019), No.6
  2. Development of In-situ Orientation Mapping and Microstructure Observation System for Ferrite/Austenite and Martensitic Transformations in Steel ISIJ International Advance Publication
  3. Development and Application of Thermo-mechanical Control Process Involving Ultra-fast Cooling Technology in China ISIJ International Vol.59(2019), No.12
  4. Time-resolved and In-situ Observation of δγ Transformation during Unidirectional Solidification in Fe–C Alloys ISIJ International Advance Publication
  5. Feasibility Investigation for Online Elemental Monitoring of Iron and Steel Manufacturing Processes using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy ISIJ International Advance Publication
  6. Review on the High-Temperature Thermophysical Properties of Continuous Casting Mold Fluxes for Highly Alloyed Steels ISIJ International Advance Publication
  7. Scheduling in Continuous Steelmaking Casting: A Systematic Review ISIJ International Advance Publication
  8. EBSD- and ECCI-based Assessments of Inhomogeneous Plastic Strain Evolution Coupled with Digital Image Correlation ISIJ International Vol.59(2019), No.12
  9. Vacancy Clustering Behavior in Austenitic Stainless Steels and Nickel-chromium Alloys during Tensile Deformation after Hydrogen Charging Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol.106(2020), No.1
  10. Effect of Solute Elements on Boron Segregation in Boron-Containing Steels ISIJ International Vol.60(2020), No.1

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18 Jan. (Last 30 Days)

  1. blast furnace
  2. blast furnace permeability
  3. blast furnace productivity
  4. dual-phase steel three-dimensional 3d martensite deformation
  5. torizuka
  6. アーク溶接におけるセンシングと制御
  7. desulfurization slag
  8. dual-phase steel three-dimensional 3d martensite
  9. effect of rare earth metal on inclusion composition in molten stainless steel
  10. forescatter imaging ebsd detector