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ONLINE ISSN: 1883-2954
PRINT ISSN: 0021-1575

Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol. 104 (2018), No. 3

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  1. Oxide Stability Diagram of Liquid Steels – Construction and Utilization ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.8
  2. Improvement of Wettability between Steel and Liquid Zn–Al Alloy by Forced Wetting ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.9
  3. Phosphorus Partition and Phosphate Capacity of Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Slags ISIJ International Advance Publication
  4. A Novel Measurement of Voidage in Coke and Ferrous Layers in Softening and Melting under Load Test Using Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron Computed Tomography ISIJ International Advance Publication
  5. Effect of Nozzle Geometry and Distance on Cooling Performance of Impinging Jets ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.8
  6. Effects of Na2O and B2O3 Addition on Viscosity and Electrical Conductivity of CaO–Al2O3–MgO–SiO2 System ISIJ International Advance Publication
  7. Crystal Structures and Mechanical Properties of Fe–Zn Intermetallic Compounds Formed in the Coating Layer of Galvannealed Steels ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.9
  8. Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Selective Oxidation and Reactive Wetting of a 0.1C-6Mn-2Si Advanced High Strength Steel During Continuous Galvanizing Heat Treatments ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.9
  9. Characteristics of Closed Type DC arc Furnace for Molten Slag Reduction (Development of the Molten Slag Reduction Process -1) ISIJ International Advance Publication
  10. Automotive Corrosion and Accelerated Corrosion Tests for Zinc Coated Steels ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.9

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