Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy
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ONLINE ISSN: 1882-6121
PRINT ISSN: 0916-8753

Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy Vol. 95 (2016), No. 4

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  1. Automatic Ultrasonic Testing of Non-metallic Inclusions Detectable with Size of Several Tens of Micrometers Using a Double Probe Technique along the Longitudinal Axis of a Small-diameter Bar ISIJ International Vol.61(2021), No.1
  2. Effect of microstructure on mechanical properties of quenching & partitioning steel ISIJ International Advance Publication
  3. Role and Potential of Aluminium and Its Alloys for a Zero-Carbon Society MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS Vol.64(2023), No.2
  4. Preface to the Special Issue on “Advanced Carbon Utilization Technologies and Processes for Sustainably Prosperous Society” ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.12
  5. A novel way refining the partially reverted globular austenite in reversion from martensite ISIJ International Advance Publication
  6. Soft Sensors and Diagnostic Models Using Real Time Data of Blast Furnaces at Tata Steel ISIJ International Vol.63(2023), No.1
  7. Interaction Coefficients of Cu and Sn with Mn in Molten Iron at 1873 K ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.12
  8. Influence of Large Amount of Hydrogen Containing Gaseous Reductant Injection on Carbon Consumption and Operation Conditions of Blast Furnace - Development of Low Carbon Blast Furnace Operation Technology by using Experimental Blast Furnace: part II - ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.12
  9. Influence of the Slag Rim on the Heat Transfer Behavior of a Mold ISIJ International Advance Publication
  10. Application of Variable Gauge Rolling Technology for Plate to Reduce the Head Impact ISIJ International Advance Publication

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