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ONLINE ISSN: 1347-5460
PRINT ISSN: 0915-1559

ISIJ International Vol. 58 (2018), No. 6

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15 Nov. (Last 30 Days)

  1. Quantitative Evaluation of Reaction Mode and Reduction Disintegration Behavior of Iron Ore Agglomerates during Low Temperature Reduction ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.10
  2. Mechanical Property of Ultrafine Elongated Grain Structure Steel Processed by Warm Tempforming and Its Application to Ultra-High-Strength Bolt Tetsu-to-Hagané Advance Publication
  3. Off-line Model of Blast Furnace Liquid Levels ISIJ International Advance Publication
  4. Fusion Zone Microstructural Evolution of Al-10% Si Coated Hot Stamping Steel during Laser Welding ISIJ International Advance Publication
  5. Mathematical Modelling of the Effects of Transient Phenomena on Steel Cleanness during Tundish Transfer Practices ISIJ International Advance Publication
  6. Phase Transformation of Cohesive Zone in a Water-quenched Blast Furnace ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.10
  7. Preparation of High-Carbon Metallic Briquette for Blast Furnace Application ISIJ International Advance Publication
  8. Phase Transformation Behavior of Oxide Scale on Plain Carbon Steel Containing 0.4 wt.% Cr during Continuous Cooling ISIJ International Advance Publication
  9. Nanocluster Control for Achieving High Strength Aluminum Alloys MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS Vol.59(2018), No.6
  10. Effect of Annealing Time on Oxides Phases and Morphology along Oxidized Depth of Fe-3%Si Steel during Decarburization ISIJ International Advance Publication

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  6. automation in steel plant
  7. hot ductility of steels and its relationship to the problem of transverse cracking during continuous casting
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  9. stainless steel
  10. bof lime injection top lance