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ONLINE ISSN: 1347-5320
PRINT ISSN: 1345-9678


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01 Dec. (Last 30 Days)

  1. Heat conduction through different slag layers in mold. Thermal conductivity measurement of commercial mold fluxes ISIJ International Advance Publication
  2. Deformation of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel during Rolling Process: A Review ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.11
  3. Activity of Chromium Oxide in Calcium Silicate Bearing Molten Slag for Highly Clean Chromium Steel Refining Process ISIJ International Advance Publication
  4. Effects of basicity and Al2O3 content on the crystal structure of silico-ferrite of calcium and aluminum ISIJ International Advance Publication
  5. Behavior and kinetic mechanism analysis of dissolution of iron ore particles in HIsmelt process based on high-temperature confocal microscopy ISIJ International Advance Publication
  6. Corrections of the figure in the paper “Effect of Cerium and Magnesium Addition on Evolution and Particle Size of Inclusions in Al-killed Molten Steel” [ISIJ International, Vol. 62 (2022), No. 9, pp. 1852-1861] ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.11
  7. Dissolution of Chromium from Steelmaking Slag–Cr-containing Mineral Phases and Synthetic Slags– Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol.108(2022), No.11
  8. Effect of Molten Steel Composition on Inclusion Modification by Calcium Treatment in Al-Killed Tinplate Steel ISIJ International Advance Publication
  9. Characterization and Control of Secondary Phase Precipitation of Nb–V–Ti Microalloyed Steel during Continuous Casting Process ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.11
  10. Improvement of Sinter Productivity and Qualities by Placing Low Slag Green Pellet at Lower Layer of Sinter Packed Bed ISIJ International Vol.62(2022), No.11

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01 Dec. (Last 30 Days)

  1. blast furnace
  2. si-killed spring steel
  3. converter slag
  4. 高温変形抵抗
  5. 钢渣脱磷
  6. 5%nickel
  7. coatings hot formed steel
  8. free lime
  9. secondary cooling billet
  10. si killed spring steel wire rod