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16 Jan. (Last 30 Days)

  1. A Review of the Chemistry, Structure and Formation Conditions of Silico-Ferrite of Calcium and Aluminum (‘SFCA’) Phases ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  2. Improving Blast Furnace Raceway Blockage Detection. Part 1: Classification of Blockage Events and Processing Framework ISIJ International Advance Publication
  3. Phase Transformation Behavior of Oxide Scale on Plain Carbon Steel Containing 0.4 wt.% Cr during Continuous Cooling ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  4. Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility Evaluation of Tempered Martensitic Steels Showing Different Fracture Surface Morphologies Tetsu-to-Hagané Vol.105(2019), No.1
  5. Improvement of Sinter Productivity by Control of Magnetite Ore Segregation in Sintering Bed ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  6. Gasification and Migration of Phosphorus from High-phosphorus Iron Ore during Carbothermal Reduction ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  7. Effect of TiO2 and MnO on Viscosity of Blast Furnace Slag and Thermodynamic Analysis ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  8. Effect of Coke Size on Reducing Agent Ratio (RAR) in Blast Furnace ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  9. High Temperature Thermal Diffusivity Measurement for FeO Scale by Electrical-Optical Hybrid Pulse-Heating Method ISIJ International Vol.58(2018), No.12
  10. Improving Blast Furnace Raceway Blockage Detection. Part 3: Visual Detection Based on Tuyere Camera Images ISIJ International Advance Publication

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16 Jan. (Last 30 Days)

  1. blast furnace
  2. blast furnace permeability
  3. blast furnace productivity
  4. 鉄と鋼
  5. continous annealing
  6. laser welder
  7. titanium
  8. a
  9. activity feo
  10. argon steel