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You can use the services below by logging in with the account you created.

・You can bookmark articles.
・You can set New Arrival Alert of articles to get notification mails when new articles are publicated.

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Click [Log In / Sign up] at the top right of the page, then click [Create my account for free] to create a new account.

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Enter information such as mail address, password, etc., then click [Agree to Terms of Service and Policy and register] to provisionally register for a new account.

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After provisional registration, a verification mail will be sent to the address you registered.
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Click [Confirm your account] to finish your account registration, then you can use all our service.

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If you select [Keep me logged in] before you log in, you are kept logging in even after you shut your browser.
You can use the service without logging in thereafter.
Please DO NOT select [Keep me logged in] if you share your PC with other people, for example, in public facilities.
If you access our service via shared PC, please DO LOG OUT when you leave.

Change Account Information

To change your account information, please click your name after logging in and select [Account].

Change Account Information

Please select [Account] in the menu and enter new account information.

Change Account Information

After you click [Update], the account information will be updated.

Change Password

To change your password, please click your name after logging in and select [Account].

Change Password

Please select [Change Password] in the menu and enter a new password.

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Cancel Your Account

Cancel your account and stop using our additional service.
After canceling your account, all the account information will be removed.

Please click your name after logging in and select [Account].

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Select [Cancel Your Account] in the menu and click [Cancel My Account].

Cancel Your Account


After logging in, you can bookmark articles.


In [bookmark] page, you can share your bookmarked articles with other services or remove your bookmarks.

New Arrival Alert

After logging in, the New Arrival Alert can be configured to send notification letters.

Click icon at the top page to switch on/off of the New Arrival Alert.

New Arrival Alert

You can do the same at the article-list’s page. Click icon at the left top of the articles’ page to switch on/off of the New Arrival Alert.

New Arrival Alert

For those Journals that New Arrival Alert is on, when its latest articles are publicated, a notice mail will be sent to the mail address you registered in your account information.

Search Option

Free Word Search

You can easily search with free words.
Items you can search for are different among search sites.

Search for all articles (bib data) which have all the keywords separated by spaces.

Advance Search

You can define search criteria with full text, title, author, abstract, journal tile, and publication year.
You can not search with abstract in CiNii even if you define it.

Search Results

Search Results

The results will be shown in each search site.

20 results will be displayed at a time and by scrolling the page to the bottom will display other results.

Items on bibliographic information

It displays article title, publication year, journal title, abstract, DOI, social score and so on.

Display abstract in [ Abstract ].

Social Score

Show article level social scores in Mendeley, Twitter, Facebook, Artmetric.

The scores which are shown are as below.



Number of readers


Number of Likes
Number of Comment
Number of Shares


Altmetric Scores

Display [—] if the system failed to retrieve social scores due to the lack of required information to retrieve data or some other reasons.
Altmetric Score will be shown only when the system succeeded in retrieving scores.

System Requirements

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    Firefox (Latest Version)

  • Safari 6 and later

    Safari 6 and later

Our service does not guarantee normal functionality outside of the recommended browsers.
Please install/upgrade browsers if you don’t have one.


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