Data Use Policy

The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (Hereinafter referred to as ‘ISIJ’) receives various forms of personal information of users who use Steel Science Portal (Hereinafter referred to as ‘this service’).

1. Information we receive and how it is used

1.1. Account Information

Upon new user registration, users are required to provide personal information such as name, Email address, country, organization/company, or their research field.

1.2. User Property and Activity Information

We aggregate users activity information such as keywords on search, articles which a user viewed or bookmarked, and user’s property information such as IP address or browser via which a user use our service.

2. Purpose of Aggregation

We aggregate and analyze information of users activities to improve our service in terms of features.

Also we may utilize users names and contact information in order to contact users in reply to their inquiries. After statistical processing, we may publish or provide third parties with anonymous form (without name, mail address, or IP address) of users information as below:

Users’ statistic of activities such as keywords on search and/or viewed/bookmarked articles
Users’ property information such as their research field within account information

3. Account Closure

You can close your account anytime. After the closure of account, you lose all the rights on this service and can no longer access your personal information and bookmarks.

We will retain the information for a certain period of time to prevent misconducts such as violation of use policy.

4. External links

This service includes many external links to web sites outside our service. However, we are not responsible or liable for the use of personal information on the sites. You are highly recommended to learn about privacy policies on the sites before you visit the sites from the links.

5. About the use of Cookies

This service uses Cookies to make our service usable as well as for user authentication.

Meanwhile, Cookies are also used in the sites outside our service which can be accessed via external links in our site. In this case, Cookies shall be used in compliance with their policy stipulated by the administrator of the sites.

6. Revision of Policy

Data Use Policy is subject to change as necessary. Important change shall be announced explicitly, for example, in the top page of our service.

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